Lavender Lilly Massage & Healing

Osmosis MD & Beauty skin care collection; is a clean and holistic approach to skincare. This approach is based on treating the whole self, focusing on holistic healing, and not causing harm to the skin. Features ingredients essential to repair actively and uses a pharmaceutical-grade delivery system. It also treats challenging skin conditions that no one else can—cruelty-free and 100% vegetarian/vegan friendly.

Signature Holistic facial treatment is all about feeding this skin and giving the skin a glow for days. You should see improvement in the skin's tone and elasticity, restore capillary flow, and increase nutrition in the skin, promoting balance and harmony.

30 Minutes $57.00
60 Minutes $95.00

Facial Infusion: This non-inflammatory treatment works with the skin to stimulate new cell turnover by using a concentrated mask to nourish, heal and treat skin imperfections. This treatment is fully customizable depending on your needs at the time of appointment. $135.00